The beginning of a dream

The beginning of a dream

Oct 21, 2023Emiro Zuñiga

It's exciting to hear about Café Welchez and It's family history that has been passed down from generation to generation. The fact that Don Raúl Welchez began his journey in the 1950s to search for techniques and procedures to produce high quality coffee is admirable.

As a sign of the continued commitment to the legacy and quality of coffee that has been produced for decades, Don Raúl Welchez's children decided to register the company under the name Café Welchez. Allowing the expansion of the business and positioning the brand in different territories in Latin America.

The family business has 28 permanent employees, around 18 families live on the Santa Isabel farm, who have access to a Catholic church and the children have the opportunity to attend school. During the harvest season there are around 350 to 400 coffee pickers, generally this season begins in December and ends in April.

The location, altitude and the bean selection process are critical factors that make Café Welchez a truly unique and special product:


  • Location: Due to the amount of rainfall we receive annually, the land where our coffee grows has the right acidity for its cultivation. This promotes wider distribution of the roots of the plants, which in turn allows them to retain some moisture and facilitates oxygenation.
  • Altitude: Our Arabica grains grow 1,000 to 1,300 meters above sea level. That altitude promotes a slower maturation, so that each cup of coffee is balanced
  • Selection: Our employees at the farm have precise instructions to cut only the mature grains. Once harvested, they are taken to the benefit where they are pulsed and rested under strict supervision.

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